PWA was first conceived in June 2016 by a small group of women (2-3) who were weary of the discomfort sharing their liberal values in a public forum.  They imagined gathering with like-minded women occasionally for coffee or lunch and discussing those shared values.  Word caught on quickly, and by the third meeting, between 15 and 20 women were expressing their desire to meet on a more regular basis to effect change.  That summer, the group became aware that there was a democratic female black candidate, Ruby Faye Woolridge, running against Representative Joe Barton.  Some members of the group were looking for opportunities to support change, and held a “meet and greet” for Ruby to foster support and 25 women attended.  Members continued to be active on her campaign and created a measurable impact on her candidacy. Realizing that our collective energies could really make a difference, this impact spurred enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the variety of causes presented after the election of our current president.   


By September, this informal group of friends became the Progressive Women of Arlington TX, and by December had outgrown its meeting venues at the Tin Cup and the Fielder House Museum.  Guidelines for membership were created with a set of by-laws, and sub-groups were developed to help focus the diverse energy and passions of the individual members.  Since that germ of an idea in June 2016, Progressive Women of Arlington TX has grown from 3 to 70 members, and each month more women are standing up to join us!